Temecula Limo Wine Tasting

Friday,Saturday And Sunday
Our picnic lunch's are prepared fresh every day by the Board and Brew sandwich shop and Are served at Bel Vino Winery,
They come with chips  
and one of the options from the menu below,

Turkey Club:
 Turkey with Bacon and Swiss Cheese with Tomato,Lettuce & Sprouts on a French Baguette,
With Mayo on the side.

Baked Ham:
 Baked Ham & Swiss Cheese, lettuce and tomato on a French Baguette with Mayo on the side.

Veggie Supreme:
Cheddar and Jack Cheese,Cucumber, lettuce and tomato & Sprouts on a fresh backed Molasses Bread and Mayo on the side.

Caesar Salad:
Grilled Chicken Breast,Parmesan Cheese,Homemade Croutons, & Green Leaf Lettuce, Served with a side of Caesar dressing.

California Delight:
Turkey Breast,Cream Cheese,Roasted Unsalted Sunflower Seeds, with Tomato,Lettuce & Sprouts on fresh baked Molasses Bread. With Mayo on the side.

Roast Beef:
Roast Beef & Cheddar Cheese,Lettuce and Tomato served on a French Baguette. Served with Mayo on the side.

For More Information, Please
Or Call 951-402-3595

Monday To Thursday Picnic Lunch Menu
 Lunch at Lorimar winery comes from pairings, their gourmet mobile kitchen. It is served out the back of the winery on there large covered patio area. That has misters in the summer and heaters in the winter.
​Louisville Chicken Salad
Chunks Of Grilled Chicken Brest,Seasoned Mayo Dressing With sweet And Spicy Pecans,Thin Sliced red Onion,Lettuce And Tomato.

California Cobb
Oven Roasted Turkey Breast,Crispy Bacon,Fresh Avocado,Chunky Blue Cheese dressing,Thin Sliced Red onion,Lettuce And Tomato.

Harvest Veggie
Fresh Pepper Rings,Cucumber Slices,Provolone And Cheddar Cheeses With Red Pepper Hummus Spread,Fresh Avocado,Thin Sliced Red Onion, lettuce and Tomato. Can Also Be Made As A salad.

Wine Country ( This Is Our Favorite Sandwich )
​Oven Roasted Turkey Breast, Genoa Salami, fresh Avocado,With A Garlic Herb Spread, tomato, Fresh Basil And A Pesto Vinaigrette.

Pepper blue Roast Beef
Roast Beef,Thin Sliced Red Onion,romaine Lettuce, And Tomato With Chunky Blue Cheese Dressing.

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